Explore the usability of ICICI HFC Property Services Portal

The ICICI HFC Property Services Portal addresses the customers’ real estate needs such as residential/ commercial requirements to rent/buy/list a property.

The portal will not only help customers to identify the right property but act as a collaborative platform between the ICICI HS team, property sellers, and property seekers.

Registration & Profile Creation

Q1. How can I register myself on ICICI Home Search?

You can register as a prospective buyer, seller or agent by following these simple steps:

  • Click on ‘Register’ on the top right of your homepage.
  • Fill all the required fields, and submit your form. Kindly ensure you have read through and accepted to the terms and conditions before by clicking on Register button.
  • You will soon receive an Email and an SMS notification with verification process details.
  • Once you have completed the verification process, your profile will be activated immediately.


Q2. Are there any registration charges to be paid to use the portal?

Q3. What are the benefits of Registering on ICICI HFC Property Services Portal?

Q4. What is the process to buy or lease properties through ICICI Home Search?

Q5. What do I need to do if I want to list my property with you to sell it off?

Q6. What are the service charges applicable?

Login ID & Password

Q1. How do I login to my ICICI HFC Property Services Portal account?

Q2. How do I logout of my ICICI HFC Property services account?

Q3. What do I do if I forget my password?

Q4. Can I change my password?

Search Property

Q1. How do I search for a property on the home page?

Q2. What search options are available for properties?

Q3. What should I search for?

Q4. Can I find properties that I have posted under the search results?

Q5. Why don’t I get a any property options/listing under my search criteria?

Property Listing & Details Page

Q1. Where can I see property listings?

Q2. How can I navigate to the property details page?

Q3. Can I get a detailed overview on the property details page?

Q4. How can I shortlist properties?

Q5. How can I compare properties?

Q6. How can I contact the admin team for a site visit and other property related queries?

Q7. What is the use of never display?

Q8. How efficiently will the EMI calculator help me?

Q9. Can I share a particular property?

Profile / Listing a property

Q1. Is it possible to edit my profile details? If so, how can I edit my profile?

Q2. What is the procedure for listing my property for sale or rent on the portal?

Q3. What is the procedure for editing my property listing?

Q4. Where can I see the snapshot of my profile?

Q5. Where can I manage my property listing?

Q7. Why am I not receiving any responses for my properties listed in the website?

Q8. What are Prime Picks & Handpicked Properties?

Q9. How can I track my saved shortlist and search preferences?

Q9A. What do I do after I have shortlisted a few properties?

Q10. How long is my property valid?

Q11. How many properties can I post?

Q12. After I have posted my property, how will I know if someone is interested in it?

Property Valuation

Q1. What is the procedure to upload a property for valuation?

Q2. Can I track the status of the property that has been submitted for valuation?

Research reports / Documentation

Q1. What are research reports?

Q2. Can I track the status of the property that has been submitted for valuation?

Q3. Where can I find old reports?

Home/Mortgage Loan

Q1. Where can I apply for a home/mortgage loan?

Q2. Where can I download documentation requirements file?

Q3. Where can I see the home loan process?

Help me search

Q1 .what is Help Me Search?