Mortgage Valuation Group

Founded in 2002, Mortgage Valuations Group (MVG) is the real estate Valuation Services arm of ICICI Home Finance Company (HFC). Considering the complex nature of property transactions, ICICI HFC realised that it was critical to have an in-house independent group of experts with specialised knowledge who would provide fair valuation of property after necessary due diligence.
Our team comprises of qualified experts, who provide comprehensive valuation reports based on property documents and site inspection. Realistic and correct valuation is the foundation for our mortgage business.

MVG team members are a group of qualified civil engineers, graduates/post graduates with in-depth knowledge and experience in construction and valuation industry. These experts further regularly undergo minimum one week of specialised training on new initiatives and developments in this field. The team has grown to over 250 members, around 40 cities across India. In addition, we have over 70 staff members to support data maintenance, analysis and back-end operations.

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We have a strong network in all major and minor cities across India. Be it for purchase or sale or property valuation for self use, our team constantly strives to provide you quality service at a reasonable cost. These costs are dependent on factors like location, city, size, type, value, etc.

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